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At Total Nutrition and Smoothies, we bring over 50 years of experience in nutrition, having previously operated health-related businesses in Minnesota and Spencer, and can help our  customers with many questions and plans for healthier living. Diet adjustments can often help people with cholesterol, blood pressure or joint issues, as well as those looking for athletic or fitness improvements.

“We work with college athletes, not just here at BVU, but some at Mankato, the University of Nebraska, and University of Iowa. We even have some pro athletes who order from us, some of the Packers who are former Iowa guys. Their coaches are very particular about what those athletes are eating and taking in through supplements.

For dieting customers, the shop recommends practices similar to the Keto Diet of low carbs, which they see as a better option to Atkins. “It’s not healthy to sustain a diet that low in protein and fat for a long period. People think they are losing weight, but they are really losing their muscle tissue,” Troy says. “I call it the skinny fat person effect.”

Total Nutrition and Smoothies in Storm Lake, Iowa
Do you have questions as to how you can achieve your nutritional goals? We’d love to talk with you about them.